Shot By: Edward Guinn
Camera Operator – Central Region
Gear Used: SONY Venice
Award Year:
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Edward Guinn | Camera Operator

Edward Guinn is an American cinematographer and a Local 600 member currently based in Atlanta. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, but grew up in New England, attending primary schools in Vermont and Maine. He learned early on the importance of how an individual’s lens perceives the world. His most important life lesson has been to learn to connect with others from different backgrounds. There is no better place to perfect this connection than in the film industry, through the eyes of the camera. Guinn has been enamored by the camera since childhood. His film experience began in 2008 while he was in college at the University of Denver, studying engineering and participating in sports as a Division One hockey player. He graduated from the University of Denver and Vancouver Film School, where a student film he shot was selected for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Guinn started his career working as a 2nd AC on Movie of the Week projects in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has worked with various talented directors, producers, cinematographers, and actors over the last 15 years. His most recent independent projects as a cinematographer include a feature film with veteran actors Jeff Fahey (Lost) and Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club) and a Christmas feature film in collaboration with Actor/Director Drew Waters (Friday Night Lights).

Guinn strongly believes achieving a balance of lighting and camera is crucial. The two aspects are equally important to creating high-quality films and successful cinematography. He endeavored to achieve this balanced expression in his ECA film, TORN, about two young women shadowing a murder investigation in a race to catch a serial killer before he takes his next victim. TORN is Guinn’s first collaboration with Director/Writer Michael Gene Conti.

The narrative short was filmed over the course of three consecutive days. Several weeks of preproduction were required to achieve the quality needed for the limited production schedule. This short film was shot on the Sony VENICE and Sony FX6, utilizing two sets of anamorphic lenses. Guinn used the Kowa and Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses to portray character differences. Guinn would like to thank his fellow collaborators, Atlas Camera Rental and PC&E of Atlanta, and give a special thanks to Kate Guinn, his mother, and a supporter of his career from the beginning.

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