Become An ECA Judge

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The Emerging Cinematographer Awards Committee gives members of Local 600 an opportunity to be a judge for the ECA entrants each year.

Films are typically mailed to our judges in the month of March or the early part of April.  There’s an approximate thirty (30) day turn around period.  Once judges have been secured, they will be sent the films, instructions and/or materials.  When judges commit themselves, reliability and follow through is a crucial part of the process.  Regardless of what type of judge our members become, your name will remain confidential to all entrants.

There are two parts to the judging system for the ECA short films:  Regional and Blue Panel.  Following is an explanation of each, and the requirements:

Regional Judge

This requires less of a time commitment, but the skill set and knowledge about cinematography is 100% necessary.  ECA film entries are split up between Local 600’s three regions (Western, Eastern & Central).  This means each entry will be judged three (3) times.  Each judge may receive anywhere from 10-20 short films, all under thirty (30) minutes.  The number of films judges receive fluctuates, depending on how many judges we are able to secure per region.

Following are the basic requirements to be an ECA Regional Judge:

Blue Panel Judge

All ECA film entries submitted are viewed by Blue Panel Judges.  For example, if eighty (80) films are submitted for the new season, then each Blue Panel Judge views all eighty (80) films.  Each year, the ECA averages approximately 75-105 film submissions, but all films are shorts, and are thirty (30) minutes and under.  This is a big time commitment, but it’s been reported that the experience is both fun and rewarding, especially if you have an interest and passion for original work.

Currently, there is a higher demand for ECA Blue Panel judges who are listed as Directors of Photography with the union.

Following are the basic requirements to be an ECA Blue Panel Judge:

If you are not selected as a judge, this does not mean we don’t want you to be a judge.  It may mean we have booked all the judges needed for the year, and your name will be added to a list for the following year.

If you are interested in becoming a judge, please reach out to us by clicking here and send us a message.  We will get back to you about the next steps!