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I had been submitting shorts to the ECA awards for about 4 years straight.  I feel it is always good to try because sometimes it’s hard to judge your own work and to know whether it’s up to par. Therefore, when I finally won an ECA in 2018, I was ecstatic.  I felt I finally had proven that I’m ready to step up my game.  After I won an ECA, the very next month I went in for an interview for an ABC show called For the People for the position of additional cinematographer.  Being able to tell the producers that I was a recipient of an ECA award helped seal the deal.  I served as additional DP for the whole second season, and from my work on that, was offered to shoot two full episodes of another ABC show this spring, Grey’s Anatomy!  The ECA definitely was a big part in helping me further my career and I’m truly thankful for that honor.

Alicia Robbins, DP

2018 Honoree

I remember getting a call from George Dibie saying I won the Emerging Cinematographer Award!  I was driving my car and could hardly believe my ears!  It was so exciting! Luckily I didn’t crash into anything!

After the screening event at the DGA, all of us awardees went to many industry events, including the Cannes Film Festival where Kodak Film sponsored all of us in a wonderful old French Chateau. It was wonderful to be under the wing of our Camera Local in such a worldwide venue!

I still have the plaque hanging on my wall from 2002!

Christopher Tufty, DP

2002 Honoree

As an ECA alumni, it is an honor to carry the torch and continue to reward the great work of our members and the tradition of promoting skilled experienced talent and ability above all else. Every year we receive well over 70 films, just this year we hit our record of 108 submissions, and every year, we see amazing work, by not only those who are honored but many of the films, that didn’t make the cut.  This only continues to inspire and recognize the wealth of talent we have within our ranks.

Jimmy Matlosz, DP

2005 Honoree, and ECA Co-Chair

Words have effect.  Confidence builds from repetition.  Being a part of the ECA’s early in my career changed how my peers saw me and eventually how I saw myself.

Patrick Jones, DP

2009 / 2010 Honoree

The ECA was a huge step in my narrative career.   It allowed me to show my early work to an audience and I got my first agent with the showcase. Twenty years later, I’m still involved with the ECA and I really enjoy mentoring the honorees.  

Rodney Taylor, ASC, DP

1999 Honoree

The ECA experience turned out to be an important yardstick for my confidence. One leans so heavily on problem solving in the independent film world that it’s easy to lose bearing on your aesthetic. Having my peers see my work and respond so positively was a major boost. I can draw a straight line from the ECAs to my experience shooting Californication, Masters of Sex, Veep, Good Girls and more, as I lean on those same instincts (and my great crews).

Tim Bellen, DP

2007 / 2010 Honoree

"The ECAs are amazing. If anything it has instilled confidence to chase the dream."

Cameron Duncan, DP

2007 Honoree

"The Emerging Cinematographers panel and screening has provided HollyShorts with a great showcase of the future of cinematography for our audience and filmmakers to connect with."

Daniel Sol

Director of the Hollyshorts Film Festival

"I truly appreciate you thinking of us and including us in this wonderful salute to such talented artists."

George T. Marshall

Director of the Rhode Island Film Festival

"The Emerging Cinematographer Awards is a great opportunity to meet fellow up-and-coming DP’s, and get exposure out to our peers that you're making the move to get behind the lens. The recognition made a huge difference in getting talented crew on board with my projects, which makes all the difference in the world. Having the support of the ECAs was incredibly helpful in learning how to make the right decisions as we move forward.  It’s a very open and question friendly week where the focus is on how to move your career ahead."

Greg Wilson, DP

2011 Honoree

"Up and coming cinematographers are our future and it is up to us to support them, which is why I am thrilled to be a part of the Emerging Cinematographer Awards."

Sherri Potter

President, Streamland Media

"This is one of the warmest industry events I have ever been to. To be able to honor the newest and brightest talent as cinematographers on the rise is a great gift for all of us. To help these emerging artists launch their careers is a privilege. The ICG should feel proud to offer this to our members."

Steven Poster

Local 600 President

"We, the membership of Local 600, should be very proud of the evolution of this event and the direction our Guild is taking towards its future."

Rob Kositchek

ECA Founder

"I have never been more proud to have been selected for this year’s Emerging Cinematographer event. Local 600 really put a lot of effort into the advancement of the careers of this year's winners. It is really special to support the up-and-coming talent within our union."

Rachel Levine

Operator 2004 Honoree

"The setting was very impressive. I feel lucky to have the opportunity for the film I shot to be screened among some incredible work by other emerging cinematographers.

Michael Svitak, DP

2008 Honoree
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