Flickering Souls Set Alight

Shot By: Petros Antoniadis
Camera Operator – Western Region
Gear Used: ARRI
Award Year:
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Petros Antoniadis | Camera Operator

Petros Antoniadis was born and raised in Chania, Greece, where his deep passion for visual arts began at a young age. Growing up under the influence of his grandfather, the renowned painter and photographer Petros Vlahakis, Antoniadis developed an immense affection for pictures and moving images. At the age of 10, he made a resolute decision to become a filmmaker.

By the time he turned 14, Antoniadis had already completed three impressive short films. It was during this formative year that he had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Walter Lassally, an Oscar-winning cinematographer who would become his mentor. Lassally’s guidance and teachings profoundly shaped Antoniadis’ path until Lassally’s passing in 2017.

In 2010, Antoniadis was accepted into the School of Audiovisual Arts at Ionian University. Simultaneously, he began working on film sets as a camera assistant, gradually advancing to lensing commercials and short films. As his career gained momentum, Antoniadis found himself involved in an increasing number of narrative projects, earning national and international recognition for the shorts he lensed.

In 2018, after completing the shoot for Flickering Souls Set Alight, a short film that would later gain international acclaim for unique cinematography, Antoniadis decided to follow his heart and the advice of his mentor by relocating to the United States to further refine his craft and advance his career.

In 2020, Antoniadis joined Local 600 as a camera operator, which afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with his long-time friend, acclaimed cinematographer Akis Konstantakopoulos, GSC. Together they worked on notable projects such as Jesus Revolution (Lionsgate) and the vastly popular TV series The Chosen. Additionally, Antoniadis took on the role of DP for a good part of The Chosen Season 3.

Presently, Antoniadis cherishes every opportunity he gets to be behind the camera lens, whether as a camera operator or cinematographer. His profound passion lies in utilizing the elements within the frame to enhance the performances and drive the narrative forward while turning the director’s vision into the compelling visual world of each film. Using every opportunity and experience on and off set, he is committed to continually advancing his capabilities as a visual storyteller.

In 2022, he married his now-wife, Dr. Kyriaki Bouraki, and they currently reside in California. Antoniadis has lensed four feature films, more than 30 shorts and numerous commercials and music videos.

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