Shot By: Eric M. Hurt
Camera Operator – PA
Gear Used: RED Dragon
Award Year:
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Eric M. Hurt | Camera Operator

Eric Hurt is a writer, director and cinematographer based in Virginia. His love of cinematography is based squarely on his love of a  good  story. As writer/director,  he’s helmed his own feature films as well as pilots, short films, music videos and many commercials. As cinematographer, he has shot nine feature  films, most recently the film American Dreamer starring Jim Gaffigan, and has acted as second-unit  cinematographer  and  operator  on  many  others.  Hurt’s clear vision through his use of imagery, combined with his love for narrative  storytelling,  is  what  distinguishes  his  work. He believes that positive collaboration with the entire production team is the basis for great  films. Singularity was a project that put the cinematographer at the forefront of the storytelling. The meandering style and world it creates was a nod to childhood wonder, the mysteries of the universe and of the cycle of life and death that we all must contemplate from time to time.

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