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Shot By: John Veleta
Digital Imaging Technician
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John Veleta | Digital Imaging Technician

Growing up in Cincinnati, John Veleta enjoyed making films with his friends, but he started taking it seriously in college at Ohio University. There he was lucky to find himself surrounded by talented filmmakers, many of whom are now living and working in Los Angeles. That network has been incredibly important in creating opportunities and providing support.

After graduating from OU’s Honors Tutorial College with a degree in Film, Veleta followed his fellow alumni to Los Angeles where he began working as an AC, joining Local 600 in the winter of 2011.

In line with his thesis, Veleta believes that the best cinematography supports the narrative, even if that means taking a back seat. Fortunately, collaborator and director Patrick Muhlberger’s scripts always have a big vision, which provides many rewarding challenges to a cinematographer. For Muhlberger’s Pop Music, Veleta used a RED Dragon and shot 6K to help with VFX, and chose Panavision Primos for their classic look, which helped give the movie a timeless feel.

Veleta has had the good fortune of working for many great Local 600 cinematographers. He’d especially like to thank Giles Dunning, Chris Riess, and Heimo Ritzinger for their continued support and guidance. He would also like to thank his talented crew for their time and effort, and his family for always smiling through his childhood backyard productions.

Outside of filmmaking, Veleta is an avid reader and traveler, often shooting abroad. He recently spent time in northern Sweden hunting auroras, and in Indonesia documenting a sulfuric flame–spitting volcano. He finds that traveling brings a sense of adventure and wonder that can renew his perspective and help him rediscover the world through different lenses.

He currently resides on the Westside of Los Angeles.

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