Saerto Ena

Shot By: Sidarth Kantamneni
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Sidarth Kantamneni | Operator

Sidarth Kantamneni is a camera operator living in Atlanta, GA.  Raised in Decatur, AL, he inherited a love for visual art and photography from his father, an avid hobbyist.  Interested in cinema from a young age, and science-fiction films in particular, Kantamneni enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) in 2006 with the intention of pursuing a career in visual effects.  However, after getting involved in the film scene in Atlanta at large, he shifted his focus to on-set pursuits.  He spent the next several years working on independent shorts, features, and music videos while in school. Kantamneni joined Local 600 shortly after completing his degree in Science Technology and Culture at GT in 2012.

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