Shot By: Alejandro A. Wilkins
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Alejandro A. Wilkins | Operator

Born on an island in the East Bay of Northern California, Alejandro Wilkins grew up tinkering with cameras, trying his best to emulate the films he watched on the big screen.

San Francisco State University formally introduced him to the craft of cinematography and the importance of its adherence to story. After graduating, Wilkins moved to Los Angeles and began working as a camera assistant. In 2006 he joined Local 600.

His years in Los Angeles and those traveling for work have been an intensive education, gaining him proficiency first as a camera assistant, then as a DIT, camera operator and DP. Some of his most valuable lessons have come from working with shooters who thought “outside the box” successfully. Early work in his career with Cinematographer Aaron Platt, Director Cam Archer, and, more recently, with DP David Lanzenberg has inspired Wilkins to make more bold choices with style, movement and lighting.

The extent of his experience culminated with Limbo, a surreal short film about a man, a dog, and a wish.

Much of the aesthetic for Limbo was inspired by the artwork of Marian Churchland. With the generous help of Panavision Woodland Hills and Mike Dallatorre, Limbo was shot in 3-perf with a Millennium XL, a Lightweight II, and Primo lenses, framing 2.39:1. Kodak 5219 was used for interiors and 5207 for exteriors. The bulk of Limbo was shot at a remote location in the Mojave Desert in one day.

Wilkins would like to acknowledge his parents, who continue to support him in all his endeavors; the crew of Limbo, a team of invaluable professionals who worked hard and fast in the desert sun; Local 600, for promoting and supporting growth from within; and Will Blank, the director of this film, for his creative integrity, patience and follow-through.

He is currently on board to shoot Will Blank’s feature-length adaptation of Marian Churchland’s work, titled Beast.

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